WRVU has enjoyed excellent press in the media covering the plight of WRVU in its current predicament. For an excellent overview of the issue along with trenchant analysis, you would do well for yourself by reading the following:

7/5/2012: The Nashville Scene – “WRVU Friends and Family Files Petition to Deny with FCC”
6/7/2012: The Nashville Scene – “A Year After the WRVU Sale, The License Transfer Still Isn’t Complete – And the FCC Can Still Intervene. What’s Left of the Dial.”

6/30/2011: The Nashville Scene – “WRVU Sale Could Face a Roadblock in Tennessee’s Nonprofit Law”
10/11/2011: Gawker – “Say Goodbye to College Radio?”
10/11/2011: USA Today – “College Radio Stations Fear Budget Cuts Could Silence Them”
9/27/2011: The Nashville Scene – “Ousted WRVU DJ Speaks Out Against Censoring By VSC”
8/9/2011: The Nashville Scene – “Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor Responds to WRVU Friends and Family”
6/19/2011: The Chronicle of Higher Education – “Vanderbilt Radio Fans Vow to Fight Sale of Their Station”
6/19/2011: The Chronicle of Higher Education – “What’s Eating College Radio?”
6/13/2011: The New York Times – “Where Do You Find New Music?”
6/11/2011: The New York Times – “The Day the Music Died”
6/7/2011: The Tennessean – “Comment Section: Nashville Public Radio Buys Vanderbilt Radio Station”
6/7/2011: The Nashville Scene – “WRVU Purchased by WPLN – Will Become Classical Station”
6/7/2011: The Tennessean – “Nashville Public Radio Buys Vanderbilt Radio Station”
6/7/2011: College Music Journal (CMJ) – “WRVU in Jeopardy as License Quietly Changes”
4/21/2011: The Tennessean – “Chuck D lends support to Save WRVU campaign”
3/21/2011: Inside Vandy – “WRVU: Searching for Dialogue”
3/2/2011: WSMV-TV – “Alumni Rally for Vanderbilt Radio Station”
3/1/2011: TN Rambler Magazine – “Not Dead (Air) Yet: Save WRVU’s Campaign Gains Momentum”
2/28/2011: College Music Journal (CMJ) – “WRVU Strikes Back Against License Sale”
2/24/2011: InsideVandy – “To Editor: Our Understanding of the potential WRVU Sale”
2/24/2011: Nashville Scene – “WRVU Supporters Respond to VSC Questions – Garner Support from Phi Mu Alphas: Vandy Chapter”
2/24/2011: Keep Public Radio Public – “The Air War in Nashville”
2/19/2011: Orbis – “Under looming sale, WRVU rallies for second semester”
2/17/2011: Nashville Scene – “WRVU is still on the air – for now”
2/16/2011: Inside Vandy – “Sale of WRVU would homogenize the University – Letter to the Editor”
12/24/2010: Consequence of Sound – “Where We Live – WRVU 91.1 FM – Nashville, TN”
12/5/2010: New York Times – “As Stations Are Sold, Debate About College Radio”
10/26/2010: Nashville Scene – “WRVU General Manager Mikil Taylor Resigns, Long Live the WRVU General Manager”
10/24/10 : InsideVandy – “Letter to the Editor: The Truth About WRVU”
10/3/10 : InsideVandy – “Letter to the Editor: Save WRVU”
10/2/10 : The Slant – “WRVU Sold, VSC feeds on its musical corpse”
10/3/10 : The Torch – “Proposed sale of WRVU threatens students’ experience”
9/27/10 : Nashville Scene – “Vanderbilt Alumni Draft Letter to VSC Board, ‘Strongly Urge the Board Not to Sell the WRVU Broadcast License”
9/23/10 : Nashville Scene – “As Vanderbilt Student Communications considers taking WRVU Off the Airwaves, an Outraged Community Mobilizes”
9/23/10 : Radio Survivor – “Owner of Vanderbilt University Radio Station WRVU Explores Sale of FM License”
9/22/10 : Nashville Scene – Save WRVU an Update”
9/21/10 : Orbis – Vanderbilt Student Communications Considers WRVU Sale”
9/21/10: Keeping the Public in Public Radio – “Another One Bites the Dust”
9/20/10 : The Tennessean – “Vanderbilt mulls sale of campus radio station”
9/19/10 : WSMV-TV Nashville – “Vanderbilt Radio Station Threatened by Sale”
9/17/10 : Nashville Scene – “VSC Board Member: Student Listening Habits ‘Not the Main Motivation’ For Proposed WRVU Sale”
9/17/10 : Spinning Indie – “Vanderbilt Student Radio Station WRVU May Lose Its FM Signal”
9/16/10: Nashville Scene – “Vanderbilt Student Communications Considering Moving WRVU to ‘Exclusively Online Programming”
9/16/10: InsideVandy – “Vanderbilt Student Communications to Explore The Sale of 91.1”
9/16/10: InsideVandy – “VSC Strikes Out”


The Students and Community at Rice University are Currently in the Process of Defending Against the Transmitter License of KTRU. SaveKTRU.org
10/5/10 : Radio Survivor – “9 Tips to Ensure College Radio’s Survival”
10/11/10 : Vanderbilt News – “WRVU Co-Founder Remembers early Days of Campus Radio”
‘Father of WRVU’ : Vanderbilt Register – “Father of WRVU continues legacy started 50 years ago in Cole Hall ”

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2 Responses to | MEDIA COVERAGE |

  1. Mary Jo says:
    I recently returned to Nashville from another state and found this refreshing radio station which I listen to daily. Please save this valuable station for the citizens of our community to enjoy. We need music diversity in our city.
  2. josefritz says:

    Here’s the last WRVU aircheck. I posted it and back-linked to you.

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