A much loved and award-winning WRVU DJ, Heather Lose, has created a SoundCloud page compiling messages from recording artists supporting the cause of WRVU. We are pleased to have the immense support of the following international recording artists, local musicians, and fans, old and new. Listen here for some great tunes and kind words in support of WRVU:

Chuck D (Public Enemy) Promo 01
Chuck D (Public Enemy) Promo 02
Chuck D (Public Enemy) Promo 03

Matt and Kim Promo 01
Matt and Kim Promo 02
Peter Guralnick (Celebrated Author)
Fred (Cowboy Mouth)
R Stevie Moore
Old Crow Medicine Show
Mike Farris
Waco Brothers
Brad Pemberton (Ryan Adams and the Cardinals)
Marshall Chapman
Jason Ringenberg (Jason and the Scorchers)
Rusty (How I Became the Bomb)
Kristi Rose and Fats Kaplin
Donna Frost
Tom Littlefield (Questionaires)
Tommy Womack
Scott Feinstein (Shadow 15)
Jonathan Bright
How I Became the Bomb
Bill Lloyd
Steve Boyd (White Animals)
Peter Rodman

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