Remember: Nashville Public Radio (WPLN) has a CONTRACT to purchase 91.1 FM but the SALE HAS NOT HAPPENED YET and there is nothing that prevents Vanderbilt University, VSC, or WPLN from walking away from the deal and returning WRVU to 91.1 FM.

It has become clear that we simply cannot accomplish our mission of reviving 91.1 FM without a very real and very strong showing of financial support. Such support will enable us to continue the legal strategy that has the ‘evil-doers’ wetting themselves and shaming them in front of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) into returning 91.1 where it belongs – to the Vanderbilt students and the Nashville community.

Feel confidant that we would not be asking for your money now, nor would we waste our time fund-raising, if we did not believe it would be useful in our campaign to recover 91. 1 FM.

Gifts of any amount are welcome but the sooner we handle this the better. Why not turn that $10 gift into $100? $20 gift into $200? Or $50 into $5,000? Think about all WRVU has done for you and no matter how much you give, I am certain that you will be getting a deal.


Visit to Donate.

Remember that generous donors get to pick one of the few remaining limited edition custom posters!! (They make great gifts too!!!)

Please give in whatever way you can and ask your own friends & family to do the same — you could even ask Santa to make a donation on your behalf. It is hard to think of a better gift than ‘RVU*!!!

Join us in this campaign for the recovery of 91.1 Nashville and for the protection of college radio everywhere. It will take a Miracle to get WRVU back on the air, but with snowmen dancing and reindeer flying, it seems like a fantastic time of year to try!



About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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