The proposed sale by the VSC of the WRVU broadcast license to WPLN is just plain wrong from the point of view of any reasonable ethical or moral standard. To the detriment of the student body they are supposed to be serving, they've sold away an asset with a rich legacy and proven educational benefit far beyond the money it would receive in return. They've done somaking a mockery of any semblance of procedure or concern for the stakeholders. The decision was taken unilaterally and the sale was done in secret to avoid interference from those who had the most at stake. To not call this out is to be complicit in the crime. I believe there is a principle of justice at stake here.

Why is the cause to Save WRVU important?

One thing that can be learned form recent country-wide ‘occupy’ movements is a universal agreement to stem the rise in base and indefensible behavior. It is now time to push back!

Our demands are pretty simple and amazingly simple to enact.

SaveWRVU Demands the Following:

1) Cancel License Sale and Return WRVU to the Students.
2) Chris Carroll. Must. Go.


1)Cancel License Sale and Return WRVU to the Students.

WRVU was a happily student-operated radio station for 50 years. Only recently, over the past 5 to 10 years, responsibilities and control of WRVU moved into the Troll-infested claws of (also recently hi-jacked) Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC). [Vanderbilt Student Communications is the entity that is charged to over-see all student media groups like the print, tv, and radio. Carroll started his shameful tenure at Vanderbilt by reconfiguring the VSC out of the hands of the students and into a group of like-minded adults and ‘at-large’ students, who, may have absolutely no experience with the member groups they are charged to protect. See FAQ for more.] Coincidentally (or not) this VSC power grab of WRVU has occurred exclusively during the tenure of Chris Carroll as VSC Media Adviser, which brings us to demand number 2…

Chris Carroll

2) Chris Carroll. Must. Go.

Chris Carroll, Media Adviser of the VSC, along with fellow Toad, Mark Wollaeger, is largely responsible for all that has gone wrong with WRVU. Chris Carroll has morphed the VSC into his own image, a vampire squid that has wrapped around the face of WRVU relentlessly jamming his engorged funnel into WRVU to extract its cash and soul, leaving nothing but a hollow lifeless shell. Even more maddeningly, this pathetic cash-grab is only to fund Carroll’s and other ‘adult’ (i.e. unnecessary) adviser salaries. The salary outlay before Chris Carroll became Media Adviser of VSC? $40k. The current salary outlay of VSC under Carroll’s stewardship? $450k + !?! WRVU is being sold off to pay for VSC’s unnecessary salary bloat. Plain. And. Simple.

Now, we at SaveWRVU would readily admit that if the poaching of WRVU’s cash assets to feed VSC recent salary bloat somehow provided some benefit to the other student media groups, perhaps we might back-off our calls to right this egregious wrong, but the best that the VSC can come up with is … wait for it…. HDTV for VTV. HDTV? You are kidding, right?

Undoubtedly, the self-styled media maven that is Chris Carroll is lording over the other media groups including the umbrella online vehicle that is InsideVandy. The snooze-fest layout and vanilla site-design screams Carroll meddling, particularly, when the comment section to WRVU related OpEd pieces seem to filter out responses critical of the sale, yet, seem wide open to spam attacks. InsideVandy and the rest of the VSC media groups are being creatively stifled to keep student intellectual and creative input to a minimum. This theory bares out since there have been an eye-brow raising uptick in resignations, across numerous member media groups, since Carroll started as Media Adviser. Before Carroll’s involvement, student resignations were unheard of. Under Carroll’s watch, resignations are rampant. Maybe this is how Vanderbilt wants its student media to be: Safe. Vanilla. Boring. If so, Chris Carroll is your man, but these are the opposite traits you would advocate coming from a top tier University. One thing is certain. Whatever good (and there is some: HERE and HERE ) does come out of VSC member media groups, it is done in spite of, not because of, the input of Chris Carroll. Hence, Carrol. Must. Go.

Despite the wreckage Carroll’s decade-long campaign has wrought, his zeal to crush WRVU continues to this day. As noted earlier, Chris Carroll is currently unilaterally setting up new petty rules and overtly denying DJ spots to former popular DJs of long running shows because these former WRVU DJs did not act sufficiently submissive during the Carroll led campaign to sell-out WRVU.

Vanderbilt University has a lot to answer for itself for letting Chris Carroll behave with unchecked impunity.

For starters, Carroll’s behavior is working counter to the University’s own interests. Any fool knows you don’t sell an asset you can’t replace. Chris Carroll is not your ordinary fool. Vanderbilt University should be the first to know that WRVU is a valuable University asset founded and operated by Vanderbilt Students. It is not Chris Carroll’s asset to sell.

Questions we want Vanderbilt University to ask itself:

How does secretly selling off valuable assets promote education?

Doesn’t the circumvention of regular procedure by a staff member betray the trust placed in that person by the students and the University?

Doesn’t the backhanded and secretive nature of the transaction confirmation that Chris Carroll believes, in any case, that no consensus for the sale of the license would have been found in an open process?

What authority does Chris Carroll have to unilaterally sell of such a valuable educational asset?

Isn’t Chris Carroll’s behavior a breach of trust which is grounds for immediate dismissal?

Is Vanderbilt University an institution for higher learning or a stomping ground for petty tyrants?

Why does the VSC need seven paid staff members, which account for the lion’s share of the budget?

Shouldn’t control of the VSC reside with the students with representation from all of the involved organizations?

I’m sure you can think of others. Call every day. Don’t stop.

What Can You Do Now?

For starters, what we need more than anything right now is the patience, the support, and the confidence of Music City, U.S.A. This battle for 91.1 FM will be long and intense but, we believe, VERY worthwhile.

GET VOCAL WRVU!!! Let WPLN and Vanderbilt University know that this frequency sale is a terrible idea that has spun out of control. DEMAND that they retract the agreement.


Email: nicholas.s.zeppos@Vanderbilt.Edu

* Office of the Chancellor
* Vanderbilt University
* 211 Kirkland Hall
* Nashville, TN 37240

Vanderbilt University Board of Trust

* Office of the Board of Trust
* Vanderbilt University
* 305 Kirkland Hall
* Nashville, TN 37240

The same tactic might be used at WPLN and WPLN President Rob Gordon…

Email: rgordon@wpln.org

* Rob Gordon, President
* Nashville Public Radio/WPLN
* 630 Mainstream Drive
* Nashville, TN 37228

If you are Vanderbilt Alumni, Donate a ‘Goose Egg’!

Make a $0.00 donation to Vanderbilt and tell them why. Go to
to catalog your ‘goose egg’ pledge until Vanderbilt rights this egregious wrong.

…And boycott WPLN and WFCL until the frequency is returned to the students of Vanderbilt University!



About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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