Remember, 91.1 FM frequency sale HAS NOT HAPPENED YET and it is still possible to SAVE WRVU!

The wheels of injustice caused by a Carroll-led VSC are beginning to grind and reverse. Pressure is mounting on several fronts.

There are MANY positive developments to report:


VivaWRVU is the banner for which WRVU Friends and Family, the organization leading the charge to stop the frequency sale, will use to bring back WRVU from the ashes. Be sure to visit to donate and get involved!

What we need more than anything right now is the patience, the support, and the confidence of Music City, U.S.A. This battle for 91.1 FM will be long and intense but, we believe, VERY worthwhile.



The Vanderbilt Administration continue to get the message via alumni donors. Recent alumni fund drives are coming up with a pile of ‘goose-eggs’ for donations. Alumni donation participation is critical for Vanderbilt maintaining its recent uptick in college polls like US News and World Report. The past and current antics of Chris Carroll and the VSC continue to embarrass Vanderbilt University and will hurt the university where it hurts most, in the rankings. One such disgusted alumnus has set up a brilliant means to post your disapproval with Vanderbilt University for allowing the VSC proposed WRVU frequency sale. Go to
to catalog your ‘goose egg’ pledge until Vanderbilt rights this egregious wrong. Here is one anecdotal example SaveWRVU has heard: ‘I was called by one of the Vandy undergrad donation solicitors two nights ago and let him know that I’m pledging $0.00 until they put WRVU back on the air. I bring this up because he then said “Yeah, I’ve talked to a number of people who are doing that. I think the University really screwed up on that.” My answer: “Yep.”.’

It goes without saying the above ‘goose egg’ pledge goes double for WPLN!


Nashville Public Radio has not yet met the obligations agreed to execute the sale (namely, paying for it) and the Federal Communication Commission has not announced a public comment period nor have they approved the sale. Simply put, if WPLN can not come up with the money, the deal is off. See number 2 above!

The VSC and Vanderbilt controlled media outlets are icing out the fact that the proposed sale of 91.1 is proposed only, and are printing that the sale is already consummated. WRVU Friends and Family representatives have recently written InsideVandy, Vanderbilt Magazine, Dot Commodore, and Vanderbilt Hustler asking them to hold up the tenants of good journalism and report that the sale is proposed only and that a large and growing organization is out there actively preventing the sale. At best, these letters have received a cursory response. At worst, they have been outright rejected.

Despite these misleading articles and their refusal to print letters that highlight the facts, the truth is still getting out. There are indeed students, alumni, and members of the Vanderbilt Community who refuse to accept the patent falsehood that the frequency is gone.

This is NOT over and everyone deserves to know.

While there are times we may disagree with the choices made by the InsideVandy / Hustler editors, there are many times we commend them for the willingness to take a stand on important issues. One such example can be found HERE .

Loyal Fans and Listeners of WRVU, the battle for 91.1 FM continues . . .



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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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