Below is a letter written by Vice Chancellor Williams of Vanderbilt University. As one might expect, numerous requests have been made, dating back to September of last year, to Vanderbilt’s Chancellor office to step in and stop, or, as a minimum, oversee what is the wonton and unnecessary dismantling of Vanderbilt’s largest student-founded and 50-year continuously student-operated organization. This letter, a long awaited response to a letter sent by WRVU Friends and Family, marks the first official response emanating from the Chancellor’s office of Vanderbilt despite these numerous requests that Vanderbilt clarify their position. Unfortunately, this response is not particularly awe inspiring on any level.

Ironically, Williams himself enjoyed the opportunity that WRVU provided by hosting as a DJ the Vice Chancellor Show. As a recent (and now former) WRVU DJ, Vice Chancellor Williams should, therefore, know enough to put together an informed and intelligent response to address at least some of the many valid arguments that the sale of WRVU to WPLN is unnecessary, an unequivocal bad deal for Vanderbilt Students, not to mention a needless blow to the good-will between Vanderbilt and the Nashville community. No such luck. This letter largely regurgitates the very disputable brain-dead talking points floated by Wollaeger and Carroll – the two largely responsible for this travesty in the works.

Furthermore, Williams must know that HD access is a sad joke and no replacement for on-air broadcast. For starters, will Williams waste his time broadcasting his ex-WRVU show on a moribund HD3 digital channel? We thinks not and neither will most Vanderbilt students.

Read Vice Chancellor Williams response below:


About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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