Supporters of WRVU,

Despite the strange sounds emanating from 91.1 FM . . .WRVU-FM is NOT DEAD YET!!!

Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) has entered a lease-purchase agreement with WPLN 90.5 FM Nashville, a National Public Radio affiliate. In May of 2011, the VSC administration filed paperwork with the FCC to change the call letters from WRVU to WFCL. As you may know, this change became official on June 1, 2011. WRVU DJs did not become aware of this change until June 6, 2011.

For six days, the WRVU DJs announced the improper legal I.D. It was a serious failure and federal infringement on the part of the VSC that the students were not made aware of the call letter change.

Although talks of a frequency sale have been going on for months now, the VSC effectively lied to the students of WRVU assuring them that no sale was imminent and that no major decisions were being made concerning the frequency sale.

When the call letter change was brought to the attention of WRVU Friends & Family by Kodi McKinney, a reporter from CMJ, General Manager Robert Ackley approached the VSC for more information. After some delay, the VSC finally admitted that had reached an agreement with WPLN.

On Tuesday, June 7th, WRVU sang out loud and clear. Don Troop, reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education listened from afar. Of Pete Wilson’s final show he said, “It was a playlist for the End of Times”.

Those of you who listened heard Pete say several times during his program that the station would be shutdown at 2:30 for some regular station maintenance. “Not to worry” Pete told his worried listeners, “we will be right back On the Air”. Pete left the WRVU in the hands of the station engineers and just a few hours later the DJs realized they were locked out of the station.

DJs are currently unable to access the station or the online stream, According to VSC Chair Mark Wollaeger, “Angry, Frustrated people and open mics over the airwaves is a Volatile, Dangerous mixture.”

Reactions to WRVU Sale





This video shows a notable juxtaposition: WRVU’s General Manager Robert Ackley, representing all the best that you would expect from a Vanderbilt Student – intelligent and articulate vs. the doughy, smug blathering of Mark Wollaeger, one of two ‘adults’ largely responsible for killing WRVU. In this video, Wollaeger gives half-baked half-truths rationalizing his indefensible poaching of WRVU. Ackley, on the other hand, does an admiral job of containing his disgust with the circus sham that is the recent events involving WRVU. It is a bit hard to watch. It needs to be seen, nonetheless, if nothing else to put a face to this VSC monster. See video HERE.

In what world is it allowed for something like Wollaeger to unilaterally upend a beloved student organization like WRVU? The answer? Vanderbilt University, evidently. For this sort of behavior – double-talk and deception – to go utterly unchecked at an institution like Vanderbilt, well, it is a c r u s h i n g disappointment. Is Wollaeger’s drivel, as shown here in this interview, all that is needed to pass as justification for poaching a 60 year old Nashville institution?

Vanderbilt, in being complicit with this dubious transaction, is violating everything they claim to stand for. Sad. Pathetic. Disappointing. These are words that come to mind to all of us who have come to expect better.



According to the Tennessean, WPLN has 18 months to come up with 3.35 million dollars. WLPN intends to run a pledge drive to raise these funds. WPLN aired an audio report by Kim Green on June 9th that referenced WPLN President Rob Gordon,

“Gordon says . . . WPLN can’t just write a 3.3 million dollar check to purchase WRVU. The station’s making a down payment and planning a capital campaign to pay off the balance in the next eighteen months. During that time WPLN will apply for an FCC license transfer.”

WRVU Sale Creates Static: See



Provided WPLN can actually raise the 3.35 million to purchase 91.1 FM, they will have to propose the change of ownership to the FCC. At this point, the public will have 30 days to formally object to the transfer of control We, at the WRVU Friends & Family intend to fight this transfer every step of the way!!! We are up against a formidable enemy but we with your help we are strong too. The time is NOW to STAND UP for your frequency!

The VSC has been secretive, underhanded, and dirty throughout this game and now they have hung us out to dry. WRVU 91.1 FM belongs to YOU, the DJs of WRVU and the students of Vanderbilt University. FIGHT FOR IT, it is NOT too LATE to get it back!!!

Keep up the letter writing. Vanderbilt Chancellor Zeppos and the Vanderbilt Board of Trust are RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING that happens at VU. Do not let them get out of this mess unscathed.


Keep up the pressure and put your money where your mouth is… Let Vanderbilt know this will effect your giving. Promise to donate
generously if WRVU is saved, promise to pledge nothing if it is not.

The same tactic might be used at WPLN~

Rob Gordon, President and General Manager
Nashville Public Radio
630 Mainstream Drive
Nashville, TN 37228
(615) 760-2020 x222

GET VOCAL WRVU!!! Let WPLN and Vanderbilt University know that this frequency sale is a terrible idea that has spun out of control. DEMAND that they retract the agreement and PROVE that WRVU can arise from the ashes.


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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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