Now that the shock has hit the system, it is important at this stage to note: even though WRVU is no longer on the air, this sale agreement is far from a done deal as those involved with the recent poaching of WRVU would like you to believe. Or put another way, we see what has transpired to date – starting with the ignominious VSC sale announcement back in September 2010 up to the recent silencing of WRVU – as a disappointing prequel (let’s call it “The Phantom Menace”) and that the far superior chapters are still to come (say…”A New Hope”)

Trust us when we say THIS IS NOT OVER. What we need for you to do is to stay involved and stay connected. One thing is certain, there is real cause for being livid with what has transpired surrounding this sale. Without any doubt, The VSC/WPLN sale agreement is a grave disservice to Vanderbilt Students and the wider Nashville community, who both have, until very recently, mutually benefited from WRVU for 60 years. Further, those at the VSC, who were entrusted with safe-guarding their most important legacy, have violated the public’s and the student’s trust, not only in the act of callously selling WRVU’s on-air license, but, perhaps more importantly, in the cowardly and secretive manner they conducted this misdeed. They have shown contempt for this cherished asset and for those many 1000s who have continuously built and operated it and have shown contempt for those many more thousands who enjoy it and recognize its worth to Vanderbilt and to Middle Tennessee.

What you can do? Stay involved. Upcoming events and information will be forth coming.

Again, trust us when we reiterate that This. Is. Just. The. Beginning.

Stay tuned.



About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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