We here at SaveWRVU have long taken VSC at their word that they would be open and forthcoming about any moves to sell WRVU. Since the VSC announcement in September in 2010, there has been a steady avalanche of pressure to prevent any such foolish notion of terminating a 60 year-old Vanderbilt and Nashville treasure that is WRVU.
On the other hand , if an institution like the VSC, an organization charged to protect student media can, with a straight face, even float the wretched and massively unpopular move of destroying a cherished institution that is WRVU, a healthy suspicion is warranted.
Now, to date, the VSC has given absolutely NO compelling justifications for the on-air license sale of WRVU. (For instance: one of the reasons cited by the VSC is ‘High Definition’ broadcasts of VTV.) Selling WRVU, as resoundingly unpopular a proposal that can be conjured, it would not be unprecedented for an entity to wait for summer, when students are largely away, to push a stink bomb, such as this, through. Common decency would suggest that to make such a cowardly move would certainly be unfit for the storied student-founded and student-operated institution that was built on the hard work and many invested hours of 1000s of Vanderbilt students and is certainly an epic disservice to the ideals of an institute of higher learning such as Vanderbilt University.

Again, we have not heard a word from the VSC, but the good people at College Music Journal, alerted us to a procedural anomaly of the change of the call letters of WRVU to WFCL. Why and what would compel this to happen is anyone’s guess. No announcement has been made by the VSC to WRVU staff to an event that went in affect June 1. We, like you, have many questions, but at this point have no answers. We fear that this is an initial low-key step in the transference of WRVU’s airwaves to another entity. Is this a way to kill off WRVU on the sly to avoid detection? Please stay tuned.


[...] A search of the FCC’s database shows that Vanderbilt’s broadcasting license-91.1 FM Nashville, registered to Vanderbilt Student Communications Inc. (VSC)- is now assigned to the call letters WFCL. The change was made on June 1 and suggests that WRVU’s license may have been sold by the VSC. 91.1 FM Nashville was still broadcasting WRVU’s signal at press time, six days after the call letter change was enacted. 'This is all news to me,' Sharon Scott, interim president of support organization WRVU Friends And Family, said to CMJ of the registration change. 'We haven’t heard a thing about this until now.' VSC president Chris Carroll said he was waiting to hear from an attorney that handled the FCC filings and declined to comment otherwise.
See College Music Journal Article article for Complete article..
All FCC filing associated with WRVU now has WFCL plugged in. There is now no record of WRVU at the FCC!


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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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2 Responses to THIS JUST IN!

  1. Jeff says:

    There is a screen on the FCC website which records call sign changes:
    The screen shows the effective of the change was June 1, 2011.
    Could they be planning a transmitter swap with WFCM Murfreesboro, similar to the swap for $$$$$$$$$$$ between WQXR and WCAA ( now WXNY) New York/Newark, NJ? Why else change the call sign?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is BULL SH**

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