WRVU: We aRe Vanderbilt University

Below is a video produced by a group of Vanderbilt Students and WRVU DJ’s that punctures whatever gas is left in VSC’s limp balloon that is passing as their hand-wringing justification for selling the broadcast of WRVU – that it is for the betterment of the students. Anyone who gives the matter of the proposed selling off of a student founded and student operated institution an ounce of thought will quickly come to one conclusion: VSC’s proposal is not only bad for WRVU but bad for the past, current, and future Vanderbilt students.
The VSC has recently claimed that the money generated from WRVU’s license sale would provide such edifying things as HD TV, “high-definition technology for VTV”, and online web features, “enhanced features for InsideVandy.com”. Seriously?
Whatever VSC’s reasoning and claims, what is clear, is that WRVU is a vital and cherished part of student life at Vanderbilt University. The continued importance of WRVU to active students is made stark in this beautifully produced short film.
Check it out:
Click HERE to get started on writing a letter to show your support of WRVU !

About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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