WRVU Continues to Attract Media Attention

The plight of WRVU continues to attract local and national press. College Music Journal (CMJ) has been following the plight of WRVU closely. They have submitted a follow-up to an article written back in February. The WRVU on-air license sale is proving to be a very compelling story.

This article brings up an important point that the VSC has continued to fail to address. The plan to reduce WRVU to online-only has additional costs (music license fees, bandwidth costs, etc) that WRVU will incur when it loses the FCC Community Radio protections that it currently enjoys with its terrestrial license. (FCC does not provide any such protections to online-only stations). Everyone agrees that online-only will be a significant downgrade, if not the death knell of WRVU, but this downgraded online only WRVU, could end up being even MORE expensive than its current robust form. Does the VSC realize this? It is anyone’s guess at this point.
Excerpt from "Chuck D Urges WRVU Supporters to Fight the Power" by Kodi McKinney in College Music Journal:
[...] One of the largest college stations in the United States, WRVU averaged 28,500 listeners between July and October 2010. If a sale of its license is carried out, WRVU would be forced into an online-only format, disappearing from terrestrial radio. Online-only stations have additional costs to consider involving streaming royalties and bandwidth issues; Save WRVU suggests that this may raise annual operating costs even as their audience reach and influence is compromised.
See College Music Journal Article article for Complete article..

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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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