Below is a small sampling of the letters that students, community members, and alumni have sent on behalf of WRVU. These are letters that have been directed to the Vanderbilt Chancellor and to the VSC. It is staggering how many points of view can converge on one goal – SAVE WRVU! Everyone – and we mean everybody – understands the the immense value WRVU provides to the university, its student body, and to the larger Middle Tennessee community, except, alas, the super geniuses at the VSC – the self anointed arbiters of WRVU’s fate. Keep it up kind spirits!
As noted, this is just a small sampling, with more to come !

Click HERE to get started on writing a letter to show your support of WRVU !


About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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