Below is a letter sent by Jeff Rothschild, VP of Technology at Facebook, a Vanderbilt alumnus, and former WRVU DJ, indicating his strong disapproval of the on-air license sale of WRVU as proposed by the Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC). Yet another member of ‘new’ web-based media – in this case, a major player in the world’s most successful social networking site – understands the importance of WRVU, in all of its analog glory, and the service it provides to the Vanderbilt student body. Everyone – and we mean everybody – understands the immense value WRVU provides to the university, its student body, and to the larger Middle Tennessee community, except, alas, the super geniuses at the VSC – the self anointed arbiters of WRVU’s fate.
Bit of a Head Scratcher, isn’t it?

Letter from Mr. Rothschild:

I have been following the discussions concerning the proposed sale of the WRVU station license and would like to weigh in strongly against this sale.
I believe that WRVU provides a great asset to Vanderbilt, both as a connection to the community in Nashville, but also as a valuable part of the student experience. I have sometimes heard WRVU referred to as Vanderbilt's "communications major" and I have to agree, with many alumni pursuing successful careers in media and broadcasting. I believe that the management experience and self confidence that I gained working at WRVU has played an important role in my success after Vanderbilt. I left Vanderbilt with confidence lead and it felt entirely natural starting my first company shortly after leaving school.
The existence of a college radio station actually factored into my decision to attend Vanderbilt and I would not discount the value that having an on-the-air station has to prospective students today. An internet-only station would not provide the focus and significance of an actual broadcast station and would be an irrelevant substitute
Jeff Rothschild Vice President Technology Facebook
BS Psychology 1977 MS Computer Science 1979 WRVU Station Manager 1976-77

About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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