Student members of the VSC, the organization charged to determine the fate of WRVU, issued a letter to the editor on InsideVandy, a Vanderbilt newspaper with the title “Our Understanding of the WRVU Sale”.

For starters, we appreciate that finally someone other than Wollaeger and Carroll has spoken up on behalf of the VSC. On the other hand, we are certainly underwhelmed by the content and their ‘understanding’ of a WRVU sale. At least before, we were under the impression that Wollaeger and Carroll were operating under the notion that poaching the on-air license was based on the rosy, if not somewhat delusional possibility that the endowment would somehow fund VSC in perpetuity. But as these guys see it, they want to sell off WRVU, the largest VSC member and founding member, for such lofty goals as adding “high-definition technology for VTV, enhanced features for or multiple online streams of WRVU”. Yes. You heard (read) right – clearer TV. As far as multiple online streams of a gutted WRVU? Yeah, I think we’ll pass.

To their credit, they do indicate that they are still soliciting ideas and comments via their website. Curiously, though, there is no mention of whether they have bothered to read the 100s that have already been sent. Again, we at SaveWRVU have this bad feeling that those who are charged themselves with deciding the fate of WRVU don’t even have a cursory understanding of the issues involved and don’t care to understand how detrimental this would be to the largest and perhaps most important student run organization on campus.

At some point, we would like the VSC to address some of the many valid points in support of retaining the on-air license. Six months into this sale proposal and they are saying the same thing. This is not acceptable.

Members of the VSC, as a minimum, please read and respond to the Alumni Response to Questions Issued by Chris Carroll.

Excerpt from Feb 28 InsideVandy Letter to the Editor:

To the Editor: Our Understanding of Potential WRVU Sale


If the 91.1 FM license, which is held and overseen by the VSC board of directors, is sold, revenue from the sale would be used to create an endowment. Interest accrued from the endowment would be used to support student media operating expenses in the future. WRVU would not go away if the FM license were sold; rather, an endowment would provide the station with the resources necessary to thrive in a changing media landscape. A student media endowment would present significant new possibilities for student media at Vanderbilt. As more and more media consumption takes place in digital form, we as an organization need to remain relevant and provide students with skills and training to cover the campus as well as we possibly can. Whether the future means high-definition technology for VTV, enhanced features for or multiple online streams of WRVU, as student demands and interests change, we need to be in a place to support them.

Since the start of this academic year, five colleges around the country have divested their radio stations. Unlike every one of those schools, however, all the revenue from a possible sale of 91.1 FM would be invested back into student media here.

A decision on the future of WRVU’s FM license may not be an easy one to make, which is why the VSC board of directors has invested hundreds of hours over the past two years to arrive at this point. We continue to solicit student input on the proposal through our website,

Whatever our decision on the future of WRVU’s FM broadcasts may be, it will be made by a board controlled by students, with the intent of creating the best possible future for student media at Vanderbilt. As always, we are committed to looking out for both the students who consume our products and the students who create them.

Student members of the VSC board,


See InsideVandy for Complete Article...

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