Below is excerpts from a letter to the editor published in InsideVandy on February 16. This articulate alumnus uses words like ‘dumbfounded’ to describe his reaction to VSC’s decision to pursue an on-air license sale of WRVU. (We at SaveWRVU think that ‘Dumbfounded’ can also apply to Vanderbilt’s toleration of this proposal – one that has succeeded in doing little else other than infuriate alumni, students, and surrounding community.)

This letter nicely summarizes what, I suspect crosses the mind of 1000s of alumni when they learn of the WRVU license sale, “Vanderbilt/VSC, What are You Thinking!?!” Note that this letter follows off of the heals of letter submitted by dozens of undersigned students and faculty of Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music.


As a Vanderbilt alum (BS ’94) and as someone who works in the communications industry, I am deeply distressed to learn of the pending closure/“migration” of WRVU from the airwaves.
My time as a student DJ for WRVU was one of the seminal moments that helped define my professional career. I am thoroughly dumbfounded as to why such a wealthy and prominent university as Vanderbilt would deny a similar experience to future generations of students.
Perhaps even more significant for me were the friendships that I formed with my radio colleagues, which would not have happened otherwise. [...]
So, in conclusion, I promise to donate money to the University of Massachusetts before I ever send a check to Vanderbilt: they have a great Cuban music show on their radio station. But I guess you’d expect that from a mediocre state school in the Northeast.
See InsideVandy for Complete Letter... See Similar Alumni Related Sentiment Here


Again, this begs the questions, Why is this idea still on the table? Why would Vanderbilt University tolerate the ill will that this proposal – one utterly devoid of sound basis and sound reasoning (see FAQ) – is fostering with the Student Body, the Vanderbilt Alumni, and the Community of Nashville/Middle Tennessee?

What has to happen for the VSC and Vanderbilt University to admit that selling of WRVU ranks high in the crowded pantheon of wretched ideas?

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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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