Below is letter issued to Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) Board, the organization entertaining the idea of selling WRVU’s transmitter license, undersigned by 21 Deans/Faculty Members along with 21 Students from Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music.


Dear colleagues,
We at the Blair School of Music have a special interest in keeping WRVU on the air. We understand the vital role that music plays in serving the public and creating strong ties between the university and the greater Nashville community, which is why nearly all of the concerts we present at Ingram and Turner Halls are free and open to the public.
The traditional role of terrestrial radio is certainly changing in the modern digital world, but as Music City’s only major college radio station, as a centrally important home for non-mainstream music programming, and as one of the oldest FM stations in the area, WRVU is a cultural treasure with deep roots in Nashville’s music and business sectors, and a passionate listenership that extends far beyond the university.
Music is one of the most effective and powerful ways that Vanderbilt serves its community. Please keep WRVU’s broadcasting license intact.
See WRVU.ORG for Complete Letter... See KEEPING THE PUBLIC IN PUBLIC RADIO for Additional Reporting and Analysis.


Here are some of the groups that have come out in droves against the WRVU license sale:
The Nashville Community – [check]
Nashville (Music City) Performing Artists – [check]
Vanderbilt Students – [check]
Vanderbilt Alumni – [check]
Vanderbilt Faculty – [check]

Those who have come out in support of the WRVU sale:
Hello, is this thing on…..????

Again, this begs the questions, Why is this idea still on the table? Why would Vanderbilt University tolerate the ill will that this proposal – one utterly devoid of sound basis and sound reasoning (see FAQ) – is fostering with the Student Body, the Vanderbilt Alumni, and the Community of Nashville/Middle Tennessee? What has to happen for the VSC and Vanderbilt University to admit that selling of WRVU ranks high in the crowded pantheon of wretched ideas?


About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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