The following is the extremely rarefied group of 17 Colleges and Universities that are at or above Vanderbilt University in the 2011 U.S. New and World Report yearly college rankings: 

Harvard University,
Princeton University,
Yale University,
Columbia University,
Stanford University,
University of Pennsylvania
Cal Tech: California Institute of Technology,
M.I.T.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dartmouth College,
Duke University,
University of Chicago,
Northwestern University,

Johns Hopkins University,
Washington University,
Brown University,
Cornell University,
Rice University

The names above in bold are those who have student run and operated college radio like Vanderbilt is blessed with in WRVU. We here at SaveWRVU do not think this is no small coincidence – college radio greatly improves the collegiate experience and makes for a stronger and more sophisticated center for higher learning.

This begs the question; “Vanderbilt does have someone working PR, right?”

Why would Vanderbilt risk its inclusion among America’s elite top ranked universities, by allowing an over-reaching VSC Board propose such a bald, ill-conceived, and internecine idea as poaching its most revered founding member? There is a clear dearth of intellectual rigor, sound reasoning, or coherent justification based on comments and releases of the VSC Board. Does Vanderbilt know that by allowing the VSC Board to ‘go rogue’, they are accomplishing little other than alienating the surrounding community and likely pissing off 100s if not 1000s of active and future alumni – whose good graces are key components in advancing in such rankings?

If you are in Nashville, would you please stop by Vanderbilt’s Office of Public Relations and check to see if the lights are on?


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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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  2. Fred Smalls says:

    Correction to above article: Johns Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania removed students from their operation years ago, in some cases, decades ago (WJHU and WXPN). Rice’s KTRU has also been offered to be sold. Many of the schools, such as the Ivies, have commercial stations (WHRB, WYBC, WPRB, WBRU, WVBR) which operate on a different model, and are not owned by the schools or a subsidiary of the schools.

  3. Thanks Fred,
    Here is information pulled from the radio stations respective websites:

    “WYBC is Yale Radio, a legion of students armed to protect and defend the good word at Yale.”

    “Harvard Radio Broadcasting Co., Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation operated on a volunteer basis by undergraduates at Harvard College.”

    “WPRB is a commercial, non-profit radio station located in scenic Princeton, New Jersey. Operated by the students of Princeton University,”

    “WVBR is special and unusual among the radio industry. We aren’t a part of any media conglomerations – in fact, the station is owned by a non-profit organization made up of Cornell University students, though we aren’t affiliated with the university. The station staff is made up of students and community members”

    “WXPN and this Site are owned and operated by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania ”

    Brown was mistakenly bolded.

    Whatever the case, your point is well taken, there are many successful models with varying associations with the source university that can be pursued. We here at SaveWRVU are open to other operation models but once you sell off the license, you are not getting it back in any form. KTEQ let their on-air license go (and tried the online-only bit and found severe diminished interest) and have been spending 5 years trying to get it back.

    As I am sure you are aware, the KTRU situation is currently being hotly contested and is a PR disaster for Rice and the whole matter is tied up in legal wrangling. It will be interesting to see if Rice takes a hit in this poll at the next publication.

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