VSC feeds on WRVU’s musical corpse as “Reported” in The Slant

WRVU Sold; VSC feeds on its musical corpse
October 2, 2010 by Jim Gillin

WRVU 91.1fm, Vanderbilt’s college radio station, was sold Sunday by Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) to raise money for the rest of student communications at Vandy. The decision came after a weeks-long search for offers, and many months of planning how to ignore the hell out of protestors and practice giving roundabout half-answers to questions. VSC has been looking to sell WRVU since last winter when they decided WRVU was too indie/”non-Vandy.” Following the recent crackdown on smoking and bans on flannel and skinny jeans, Vanderbilt decided to deal the killing blow to counterculture on campus by liquidating their culture center, the independent radio station WRVU.

Vandy PR has done a good job of explaining the sale of the station, however, citing different reasons for the sale. They cite “decreasing student interest,” but that’s taken wildly out of context. What the sentence in a student survey read was “WRVU has been inspiring students to go see concerts on Friday nights, decreasing student interest in fratting and one-night stands.”

VSC chair Mark Lolager explained to The Slant why it took …
[read rest of article from Vandy humor magazine, The Slant]


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We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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