REALLY Strong Letter from Alumni to Chancellor asking for Intervention

Over 50 Alumni AND Laura Hill (former VSC advisor) signed onto to this really powerful and well thought out letter to the Chancellor – asking him to intervene on behalf of the the STUDENTS at the next VSC Board meeting.  Read the letter and learn how the VSC board has changed over the past 10 years.. 7 paid advisors, really?



About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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2 Responses to REALLY Strong Letter from Alumni to Chancellor asking for Intervention

  1. Justin Walsh says:

    As noted in an e-mail to Chris Carroll a short time ago, I fully retract the assertion that he is the uncle of Phil Carroll. I apologize for making this error; there is no excuse for it.

    The main point of the letter stands, however: VSC has become a top-heavy, unaccountable organization that has steadily worked to diminish student roles in its media organizations, especially in their management. This we know even from the fact that VSC’s initial justifications for exploring a sale are clearly baseless — as we pointed out in our initial letter to Mark Wollaeger. The point concerning Chris’s familial relationship with Phil (which, again, I wholeheartedly retract) is of minor consequence relative to this problem and the issue of a unified budget for all media.

    In closing, let me note that, while I am deeply ashamed of having written something that was untrue, I hope that my immediate admission of guilt and self-censorship may serve as a model of transparency, even if it hurts.

  2. Rick Bradley says:

    Ironically, the subtext of the plan to “sell WRVU” seems to be that radio is a dying medium, which should be replaced by some sort of online alternative. I find this ironic particularly because it’s becoming obvious that print media is withering, moving online rapidly; while online audio outlets, especially music streaming outlets, have yet to prove their workability (perhaps in large part due to the heavy burden of copyright levies for streaming audio).

    The Hustler is not apparently under consideration for sale. But, why is the Hustler not being moved online? Few on campus would care, and noone off campus would notice.

    The same cannot be truthfully said for WRVU.

    Rick Bradley / Engineering ’94

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