More history of WRVU

One thing we are quickly discovering is that we as former djs and e-staff members have not done the best job keeping in touch with each other and maintaining the history/legacy of the station to pass down to future generations. As we enter this struggle, we are learning more and more about changes that have happened and even questioning some of them.

A question was raised about the wattage drop from 14,500 to 10,000 watts that happened in the mid 90s. A former General Manager shared the story that WRVU was violating an “FCC egulation, as it seemed our signal bled into other adjacent frequencies and made impossible another 91.1 frequency broadcasting anywhere else in TN (for instance WREK-GA Tech radio, is also 91.1). We had been in violation of this for many years-perhaps as long as the power increase years prior had been extant but certainly after the transmitter upgrade. I recall briefly
reviewing the physics of this with him and the change from 14.5K to 10K changed our broadcasting radius from about 70 to 65 miles so no big difference-the relationship is indeed logarithmic… I remember wondering specifically if we still captured “Baxter to Bucksnort” as the station ID indicated. We were a little frustrated with it at the time, but it did not seem to appreciably affect the radio station’s broadcast range.”


About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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