An organization structure – who to go to for what

General Manager Mikil Taylor emailed the following organization list of who is doing what:

Alumni – Please contact Office manager Jing Sun ( who is organizing the list.

Promotion (talking to news/spokespeople, benefits, t-shirts, papering camps) – Promotions directors Patric, Joe and Jackie (

Website – Online director Mike is handling the site – contact him at . We at encourage everyone to follow however we will keep this wordpress site open just in case anything happens.

Organizing bodies – Training Director Emily Foster ( is harboring the forces of the trainees (nearly 70) for on campus projects.

PSAs/Fundraising – PSA Directors Mallie and Stephanie ( are handling PSAs and fundraising.

Petition – Scott Cardone ( is handling the peition effort.

Please remember that everyone on this list are Vanderbilt University students who carry a full classload – they can not do everything. If you are able to help, volunteer time, donate money – please reach out to the appropriate person.


About savewrvuradio

We want to keep WRVU 91.1 FM on the radio.
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One Response to An organization structure – who to go to for what

  1. Rachael Hall says:

    Im a huge supporter for local radio…..especially college radio!!! I just moved here from SF, CA and they had many, one of which(90.3) was my absolute favorite!!!!! Now nashville is a bit different from sf…..but there is some cool stuff here!!! You just have to work harder and look deeper to find it….but what you do find is awesome!!!! Please don’t do this…….its radio….keep it real. Its one of the only free live things we have left…!! keep nashville growing……don’t kill it(like the poor sate fair)…….! Thank you!!

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